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On June 19, 1899 a group consisting of R.F. Paul, W.W. Jones, James Garrett, W.S. Knight, N.H.W. Aaron, Simco Dockery, W.S. Stone, J.B. Patterson and John Crisp drew up Articles of Incorporation to form a new bank to be known as Bank of Jamestown. The affairs of the corporation were to be managed by W.S. Knight, W.S. Stone, N.H.W. Aaron, Simco Dockery, and J.B. Patterson. W.S. Stone was selected as the first cashier of the bank. The Articles of Incorporation set the initial capital stock at $150,000 to be composed of 150 shares at $1000 each. July 17, 1899 was the first business day for the Bank of Jamestown.

The first Bank of Jamestown Building

The John Crisp building.

The first bank building for the Bank of Jamestown was the John Crisp Building which sat where the present main office now stands. Around 1910, a new bank building was constructed on the North side of the public square. The bank vault was moved from the old Crisp building by mules pulling it on planks across the square to the new location. Bank of Jamestown operated at this location until 1968 operations were moved to a new building where the main office remains today.

The first Bank of Jamestown Building

The second Bank location on the North side of public square

The first day of business in the new building was November 21, 1968. In 1981 the Bank of Jamestown opened its first branch office. This office was located in northern Russell County at the junction of KY Hwy 80 and 910 in the Fairview Community. Then, in 1984, the bank opened its second branch office. Known as the Industrial Park Branch, it is located on U.S. 127 in North Jamestown.

The Bank of Jamestown presidents since the bank was organized to the present are N.H.W. Aaron, John Crisp, W.W. Jones, Simco Dockery, R.E. Lloyd, Elmer Wheat, C.E. Smith, John L. Story, G.F. Eastham, M.M. Lawrence, Marshall M. Lawrence, Jr., Andrew Norfleet, Cosby Popplewell, W.J. Burdette, and William W. Magruder. In 1985 Larry E. Miller became the first Chief Executive Officer of the Bank of Jamestown, he remained in this position until 1995. Don J Cooper retired from the CEO postion in 2019. The current Chief Executive Officer is Terry Ray Cochran.

Cashiers serving the bank from the beginning to present are W.S. Stone, A.D. Patterson, W.S. Knight, J.N. Meadows, Walter McKinney, Kenneth W. Hadley and Ross E. Russell. Mr. Walter McKinney served the bank in various positions from January 1, 1906 to the time of his death on February 10, 1968, a total of 62 years.

The current members of the board of directors are William W. Magruder, Don J. Cooper, Ross E. Russell, Larry E. Miller, Sharon B. Hill, Loureda Roy and Terry Ray Cochran.


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